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The Fit Yummy Mummy Will Help You Get Back Into Form Just After Giving Birth

While the joy of having a baby is wonderful, the extra weight that many women put on during their pregnancy is something that women don’t want to have to deal with. Nearly all women who have had an infant, never feel that they will be able to shed all their baby weight. Something that is even more sad will be that this could be the first time they’ve ever been overweight. And this really is the place that the Fit Yummy Mummy program is necessary, helping new mothers lose the weight.

The first thing you will recognize is that this is not just another fat burning plan. The Fit Yummy Mummy method has been planned for new mothers that want to reduce the baby fat. The one who developed this program is aware of your concerns because she had been through this and her name is Holly Rigsby. Holly, similar to most women that are expecting, had cravings during her pregnancy, and just couldn’t control them. And due to this Holly found herself weighing an extra 50 pounds after her child was born.

Holly discovered that walking 45 minutes a day and adjusting the speeds of her walks helped her to lose some of the weight, but she needed to find something that would do this in less time. And so she began to explore intensity levels and how it pertained to fat loss, looking for that secret to slimming down with less workout time. Holly learned from a person she met that there was a thing called « excess post-exercise oxygen consumption » that could help her raise her metabolism for 24 to 48 hours even after her exercising was done. One of the finest things she found out about this is that she can reach this level she is looking for by performing more intense workouts for shorter times. In fact you can end up performing exercises just 15 minutes a day and lose all the weight you want.

I was truly surprised at all the testimonials from new mothers who used this system to lose their baby weight. Something else you might be surprised to see about this program is that one of the females who sent in a testimonial is really a weight loss coach who wound up using Holly’s program herself. And this system doesn’t just benefit first time mothers as you will also find testimonials from women who have used this after multiple children in order to regain their shape.

As of today this system is selling for only $39. 95, which is a fantastic price since it does what most women thought was unattainable. Holly has also provided an 8 week guarantee. This gives you full access to this program for a full 8 weeks so you can see the benefits yourself. Before the two months are up and if you feel this program is not working the way you envisioned it to you can just ask for a refund. Source: main page


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